Our schools have an extensive collection of books for children. These books are carefully selected to enable joyful reading and creation of curiosity and interest in the children. It allows children to be self-learners as they continuously learn more about the world around them.The GROW BY Reading library program is a comprehensive activity-based program. All components of this program work towards ensuring that each child is guided toward books that align with his/her reading level and is subsequently inspired to read more.
This program builds English fluency in children leveled Green and above through listening, speaking and reading activities (the LSR Method).
The program is divided into 3 components:
Reading Comprehension: Children take part in reading, vocabulary building, and dictionary-based activities
Listening Comprehension: Children participate in audio-based activities
Spoken English: Children practice conversational English
The programs use HLC’s unique leveling system – GROW (Green, Red, Orange, White) to facilitate ease in reading. Starting from Green, levels are an increasing amount of text and complexity.
This program is designed to increase accuracy, speed, and confidence in Math, in primary grade children. Developed in consonance with the requirements laid out by the Karnataka State Board and the NCERT, this program offers:
  • Individualized workbook (with over 200 worksheets) for each child.
  • Mental Math Modules.
  • Focus on Number Concepts, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions and
  • Geometry
This program makes pre-Green level children readers of Green Level books.
The program includes the following components
Phonics: Children learn to read using the internationally recognized Phonics method
Sight Reading: Children learn to read high-frequency ‘sight’ words and phrases
Practice: Children practice their newly acquired skills to read story books and cards


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