Early Childhood Education and Quality Primary Education are one of the 17 goals of SDG 2030, announced by the UN in 2015.  Hippocampus has been working on addressing these goals since 2011, much before the announcement from the UN.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela. We cannot agree with him more and have set ourselves on the path to transform early and primary education at scale, and hope to provide a solution to the world for these enormous challenges.


Transform the lives of under-served children through high-quality education.


Hippocampus Learning Centres (HLC) creates integrated and comprehensive preschool and primary grade education programs. These programs are holistic, activity-based and support differential learning. Critical to the success of these programs is the translation of a complex curriculum and pedagogy into simple, executable micro lesson plans.
A workforce of teachers who are motivated to make each child meet their goals is made possible through rigorous selection, an upfront training of 15 days and ongoing professional development.


At Hippocampus we Design for scale. This is a principle that states that new inventions and techniques should be useful to a large number of people. We have designed for scale from the start, and worked to assess and mitigate dependencies that might limit ability to scale. Our approach has been to Employ a “systems” approach to design, considering implications of design beyond an immediate project.


The early work at Hippocampus has been in our home state of Karnataka in South India. Hippocampus had gradually expanded into Maharashtra and is now looking to expand into other states of India. Hippocampus is operating in Mexico and intends to work internationally in the future.  This is in line with Hippocampus vision to provide a solution to address the education challenge for the entire world.


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